Welcome To The Bitchery

in which i ramble so as not to make a dozen posts...

most exciting news first: my 12 year old made pancakes! well, technically, he cooked them, since i mixed up the batter, but still... he did all the boring parts like watching them until they need to be flipped, and he has impeccable timing for when to flip them. he didn’t burn any!

i’ve had basically no motivation to get anything done for weeks. ever since i got so sick and was in the hospital, really. it’s like my motivation got sick, too, and it just hasn’t quite recovered yet. my brain is a mess, and i’m just kind of blah right now. it’s frustrating. i’m tired of being tired, if that makes sense.


i finally got the rest of the apples used up. yay, no more bag of going-soft-apples sitting on my kitchen floor! i just cored them and cut into chunks and tossed them into the crockpot for applesauce. after tomorrow, i can finally put away the canner!


my favourite jeans ripped. i tugged them up my butt by the belt loops, and one of them just yanked right off at the bottom, so now there’s a big hole and the belt loop is hanging by the top part only. i got them at the thrift store about 2 years ago, so i know i’ll never find another pair, too. ugh. any ideas on if this is fixable and how to fix it if it is? i don’t have a sewing machine, but i’m pretty good at simple hand sewing.

on the plus side, i quit smoking. last cigarette i had was the day before i got sick, so it’s been a month today since my last smoke. husband and other-husband both still smoke, so it’s not like i haven’t been tempted, but i’ve resisted so far.

my bunny is coming home from my mom’s house! they took him when we moved, 7 years ago, and thanks to our new management company, i finally get to have him back! now i just have to clear a space for his cage and hope the cats don’t decide to harass him too much. he’ll be here in a couple weeks!

that’s about all i’ve got for now... what’s up with you?

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