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In which I realize that amazing people are in my life (tw: abortion)

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So my sis called me today to tell me she had an abortion on Thursday. She told me last, which I have zero problem with. We talked. She is understandably sad. I reminded that she made the decision that is best for her right now. I told her not to buy into the bullshit that says just because some others may not "approve" of her choice means she can't feel things. It was a good talk, and she seems okay. She told me she talked to our mom, who told her about her own abortion she'd had. She also talked to her friend Alex who I've mentioned here before. And lastly she talked to my best friend. She asked my bff not to say anything to me because she wanted to wait for the right time and not worry me because I live so far away. She asked me if I was upset that I was the last to know. I told her that I'm always on her team and I'm glad that she has support. I have no right to be upset, because it's not my story to tell. I can, however, be there for my baby sis. And so I was, and I always will be. I'm glad that my friend was so rad about all of it. My sis told me she knew she could trust the bff because since I do, and the bff loves my sis the way she loves me, then she knew it would be okay.


So basically I'm glad to be surrounded by such loving and caring people.

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