Hello Groupthink,

Long time, no post.

Anyway. I have seen true unadulterated love at first sight. And it happened in a coffee shop in a off of the wall little section of New Orleans.

So, I'm sitting there in the coffee shop. Typing away at a memo for my boss. Doing the whole getting work done thing.

A woman with bone earrings walks in and orders a cup of joe. The barista compliments her on her earrings. The woman responds " Thanks! I just love bones and taxidermy. I love dead animals; they're so cool looking! My favorite is dead snakes. I just get all excited about the vertebrae!"


A man in the shop says, "Hey. I've got a dead snake on me. Right now. "

He whips out a tupper ware container with a dead snake in it. Just a dead snake. Coiled around the container. Dead.


They walked out of the shop holding hands.

I hope they have a long and happy future together.