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In Which I Say "Hella Legit" To All My Profs

I've noticed a trend in my vernacular. As y'all know, I pretty much use "hella" and "legit" in every post/comment. Because I'm hip to the groove (not really). And if you're a professor on here, what's the most legit response you've gotten from a student that cracked you up?

What I've said in the past two weeks/past few months, that I just picked up on:

  • To a professor helping me with my philosophy paper: "Yeah, like, for real. Nietzsche was hella into wanting you to think for yourself. So basically I'm gonna use my opinions to jive with what he's laying down." Response: "Ok...um, you can do that. Just make sure I can, um, understand it."
  • Thing one I've said to another professor, informing me of a topic I could use for my independent study. This was a crime that involved some guy shooting three women or something in the same house. After a second of not filtering: "Yo brah, that was a brothel, no lie, straight up. Prostitution, for real." Response: Professor laughs uncontrollably, to the point where he had to hide his head on his desk. Then just said: "The theory-(more laughing)-is a government agency put a hit on them..."
  • Second thing I said to the same professor that I think I mentioned here, but it was after he asked about our thoughts about police abusing power. Of course everyone else had an informed answer. I snarked, without thinking: "Real talk, LAPD." Professor laughed so hard he had to put his head on the lectern. Some football player responded: "That chick is right! Fuck da police!"
  • To another professor: "Dude, like, for real. The Romantics were whiney ass bitches." I was doing research for them at the time. They said they probably shouldn't say that to their class.
  • To my philosophy TA who is like, 80, but seems to tolerate me: "Like, the philosophers were all messed up because of Napoleon, and decided to go all 'Our country is legit because we hate that Napoleon, not a bro. So we're gonna get all nationalistic up in here." Guess what country was totally into nationalism? Hint: Oktoberfest.
  • Bonus and infamous: "Like, investigators like to be around dead people because they aren't alive. Because they're like, dead. And thus not for real alive or something." Not my best moment.
  • Another bonus, because I love you all: "Robespierre used to be too legit to quit with all that 'let's get rights up in hurrrrr' (hurrrrr=here). But then he done goofed and failed at suicide." Stunned everyone because I'm so smart.

I've reigned in my cursing, so that's good. But at least my homie profs have a sense of humor. And they actually encourage me to join their ranks. Title of my dissertation: "Real Talk, [insert topic here] This Shit Was Cray, Ya Dig?"

And then I get my Phd and teach kids how to be hella legit. And I might be Ali G. Respekt.

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