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In which I shamelessly post a fund for my bff to see a real doctor

Hey guys, I actually put this together for my work group, but here it is.

My bff and my child’s fairy godmother fought breast cancer and “won” 3 years ago. She was a BAMF and showed up to every chemo appt in full ball gown/ couture. It was a thing and was amazing. She went through multiple riunds of chemo and radiation and it looked like she pulled through. She just finished a final reconstruction, and went in for a follow up and it’s back. It has spread to blood and bone and we are devastated. She’s been bounced around from doctor to doctor and medi- cal and her other insurance are jerking her around and losing paperwork, so it’s been a month. She hasn’t seen a real doctors (she’s only seen a doc her told her she had cancer again and it has spread, and a surgeon bc her reconstruction implant started rejecting it if nowhere and the scar tissue opened up). She wants some answers. She has an appt. Jan 10, but it’s $666.85 cash due the day of her appt. if anyone can donate anything, it’s greatly appreciated. Health care is a damn mess in the country, and it’s no even 1/20 yet.


Also taking positive thoughts and good vibes.

Thanks guys!

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