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As most of you know, I’m already married. But #1, neither of us actually feel like we’re married and #2, we had to do it on short notice to get some paperwork rolling. So we’re having a wedding! Hopefully no one thinks I’m doing a faux pas.... but I’m not sure I really care either.

Our compromise was to not include ANYONE in the courthouse ceremony except my parents (witnesses) and do a regular ceremony and reception in the spring. The only one that’s had hurt feelings about it so far is my sister.... who I’m hoping got over it once I explained more that I wasn’t just excluding her to exclude HER.


I’m a logistics person by nature. I research, compare, pick and plan before some people have even started on the first part. I only visited one college because of my research beforehand. I only test drove 2 cars when I picked out a new one. In this case, we only toured one venue in person. We both liked it a lot. The price was right and I *may* have haggled a little bit and got their winter special extended to a date in April that they had open. Boom, done in a week.

So now everything is starting to feel a bit more real. I feel lucky that everyone is being great about things so far. More than great, actually. One best friend is in charge of the decorating, invitations, etc. She is a creative genius. Her wedding was gorgeous and 99% DIY. Handmade clay leaves, etc. Ridiculous. My other bestie is in charge of random things so far like researching gown shops, letting our mutual friends know about save the dates (I’m doing it all informal since there’s a time crunch) and getting addresses. She is a logistics person by nature as well (and works on events with the University donor relations.... so she’s seasoned) so she will probably doing a lot of helping me pin down details as we get closer. My sister doesn’t know it, but she will be in charge of contacting those who haven’t RSVP’d.

I’ve also tasked my dad and his wife with getting a list of the people they’re ‘allowed’ to invite, notifying his side of the family and gathering addresses. My mom was tasked with her side, finding out who would actually fly in to attend and she will also be doing DJ research/calling/pricing.

So far, no one has batted an eye. They’re all more than willing to help and take some tasks off my plate. I booked a venue that’s more or less all inclusive so I wouldn’t have to worry about certain details and I could focus on everyone having a good time.


This wedding ceremony (which we are treating as a real one, without the legal implications) and reception will also kind of be our going away party. It’s at the end of April and I expect to be leaving for my first post between May and July, so it’s aptly timed. We’re also going with a theme/idea of it being ‘the start of an adventure’ which covers both bases. I’m actually getting kind of excited now! Maybe getting the paperwork over ahead of time so I can not be so nervous on ‘the big day’!

Have any tips or tricks from your own wedding?

PS BellaFella told me last night that it doesn’t feel like we’re married, which I also agreed. He explained it as, ‘I feel like we’re BFFs who bone sometimes.’ The man has a way with the words. I got a catch, ladies and gentlemen.

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