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In Which I Update You About My Job Search and Ask for Advice

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So one week ago today I applied for the web writer job at one of my favorite companies in Vancouver.


You guys gave me amazing feedback on my online application and maybe (perhaps?) I got a bit smug and expected that I'd get a phonecall within minutes of them receiving my resume demanding that I start immediately.

Which obviously didn't happen.

But one of the real downsides to having a web application is that I can see the metrics and... I don't even think that they've seen it yet. Now I don't know if that means it's because they're waiting until an internal deadline to pass before they bother reviewing anything, or if they thought simply e-mailing them with hyperlinks to my work was unprofessional and they didn't want to click, or whether they simply didn't access my resume and did look at the rest of the application.


In any event: working adults of the world, should I/can I follow up on my application, and is a week much too early to do so?

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