Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This is just to say that I was supposed to be on top of a mountain today, staying in a fire lookout cabin. But I bailed at 6900ft (trailhead at 5100ft) after four and a half miles in five hours. The lookout was one and a half more miles at the most at 7200ft.

I’ve been hiking and walking a lot this summer, but not with my full pack and on the gentler east coast (in Montana now). I should have been more prepared. This is my own fault. But now I have to modify all my hiking plans for the next month to accommodate my actual physical limitations and it a little disappointing. A lot disappointing because one of my most favorite people in the world is doing this all with me and she is majorly prepared because she’s been hiking in Alaska all summer already. So I feel disappointed in myself, and truly awful that I can’t keep up with her and had to bail on this amazing fire cabin stay that she had planned for us, and which was the impetus for the whole trip.

We are going to go canoeing and swimming tomorrow and whitewater rafting the day after instead.

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