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In which I whine a bit because I'm no good at relationship.

Ugh. You guys. I have no idea what I'm doing.

So...this was supposed to be a fun little fling. No feelings, no attachment, just maybe some fun and some sexytimes. FWB was the absolute most I was looking for. He just got divorced, and I'm terrified of being the rebound and ending up hurt.


Alas, there seem to be feelings on both sides, so my brain has immediately gone into "panic! sabotage!" mode. So...how to turn off brain and just enjoy the amazing sex and fun times?

One friend suggested limiting the amount of time I spend with him. That seems like a good idea, right? I just spent the last two nights with him, so maybe no more until later in the week or next weekend. And I can't text him! Which means I probably shouldn't drink too much tonight...

I shouldn't have planned that trip with him next month. I've made a huge mistake.


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