We have one main paper in this city - the Free Press (we also have the Sun, but it's a rag). Every year they dutifully report on the Pride Pride and festivities surrounding it...

"[...] celebrate the incredibly diverse community that supports or identifies with gay, lesbian, transsexual, transgender, intersex, two-spirit, and queer people."

...and every year they apparently forget that there is a "B" in "LGBTQ".

Here's the headline from 2012:

I know it seems so minor (like any microaggression), but it's every single year and it's just the latest in a long line of "Never Say Bi" bullshit that I see all year long. I'd just like to see it acknowledged on the one day this city recognizes LGBTQ people. During a celebration ostensibly for ALL LGTBQ people. I unintentionally missed the march this year (and all the other years.. I think because the larger prides in the US are towards the end of the month) - but seeing stuff like this makes me question if I actually have a place there.

Combine that with this years NYC Pride organization appointing marshals from the L (Rea Carey), G (Jonathon Groff), and T (Laverne Cox) groups - but steadfastly ignoring the Bi community. And ignoring when the community collectively asks "What?". Though to be fair, they did use Bi as a punchline in a tweet.. so there's that?


UPDATE: After alerting the paper to the issue, they changed the wording:


My original point isn't any less valid - but it's nice to see it fixed without any fuss.