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In Which Jenna Meets PollyDude's Family EDIT MEETING CANCELLED

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So I'm the lickee and not the licker. PollyDude and I have been together for just short of two years. We've never met each others' families. Mine lives 1,000 miles away. His lives...60? Ish? But he's not particularly tight with them (save for one brother), and doesn't think they'll like me/thinks they'll cause a breakup/I don't even know. Also, they have birds, and I'm afraid of birds.


I don't quite know why he doesn't think they'll like me. I can at the very least appear to be nice. I'm really shy, so people (mistakenly) think I'm quiet. I don't know if he thinks that the liberal feminist atheist is going to come bursting out when I shake the hands of his evangelical Christian parents? I know he knows me better than to think that's something that would logically happen.

I can't remember ever being so nervous to meet a SO's family. I don't even know anything beyond what he texted me earlier: "how badly do you want to meet family." THAT WAS THE WHOLE TEXT. I don't know if they're coming up, or if he's planning to go to them...I KNOW NOTHING.


I'm not going to have the "right" answers to questions. Why don't you have kids, etc.

I don't even know what I'm asking for! I'm just freaking out! AND THEY'LL KNOW HE'S LICKED MY NIPPLES!

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