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In Which Jenna Talks About The Consult and Her Anxiety Lowers

Thank you for all the nice words, gifs, and pics prior to my appointment yesterday. HIPPIE HUG!

I was going to post an update last night, but once I spoke to my parents, I was too emotionally tired to do anything after all the stress, and fell asleep until this morning. That's right 7:30 pm, sawing wood. Which is good, considering how much sleep I'd lost and how high-strung I'd become.


So I printed out all of the above questions, plus a few more that hadn't gotten pasted yet. I warned the dr that I might cry and he said "sometimes that happens. It's fine!" and asked if I could record the consultation (yes).

I'd like to ask "why are all the doctors I get sent to totally hot?" This is not a problem for me. I did not ask him that. He asked for my history of the disease (his words, not mine. I call it a "condition," but he kept saying disease and illness) from the beginning, so I explained it from 2008 until now. Blah blah, uncontrolled until I learned to recognize symptoms, better controlled when I got a diagnosis, blah blah embolism, blah blah FML.


He told me he could implant it tomorrow (today!) and I was like uh, no thanks, because I want to have time to read more now that I understand it better. So we compromised. I'll take salt tablets instead of my electrolytes for a month, and then he'll implant it.

When he explained the device and procedure, he answered almost EVERYTHING I'd written down. The device, which I got to hold, is maybe 2.5 inches long by .75 inches wide, and maybe .25 inch deep. It's like a thumb drive. The incision would be the width of the device...not even an inch, and they just stick it in. It doesn't have to touch my heart. NO RIB SPREADERS! (His response to that question "...no!...OH MY GOD NO.")


I'd be off of work for no more than a few days. In general, people can go back the next day but "people with [my] illness find that it takes them a bit longer because the sedatives knock them on their ass [sic]."

My frustration sits with my mother. I don't really want this, but I am not walking away from anything that has the chance of giving more answers. Mother seems to think this will solve things, but there's a big enough chance that I won't learn anything. They may not be able to "fix" this.


But for now, I'm very much relieved. May I humbly request some happy gifs/pics/videos?

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