So, we got a dog and that dog, Kari, is awesome. Within about 6 hours, our older cat, Tommy, was cool with him. Tommy is about 9 and lived the first year of his life with a couple of big dogs and some cats. He was an only cat for about 5 years before I got kitten fever and brought home Gordon. It has been two weeks and Gordon is still hiding. Granted, when we brought him home, he hissed at Tommy for a couple of weeks and then decided he wasn’t scary and started napping on him.

Now cats can growl and they make this moaning/howling noise. There are lots of videos of cats on the internet making vocalizations into human words. For example:

So whenever Gordon has started making the noise I have echoed him saying, “no-no-no-no.” Until last night, I hadn’t heard him shape this noise.

Last night I went to bed and Mr Moxie stayed up. Kari stayed up with him and Gordon snuck in the bed room. At 3am, Kari came in to sleep near me and I was woken up to the sound of “No-no-no-no-no” from under my bed. It’s not that cute in the middle of the night.

The dog left, or so I thought, but Gordon continued crying. I dragged him out from under the bed and went to put him in the hallway, but when I opened the door, Tommy and Kari were staring at me. I started trying to back into the room and shut the door, but I wasn’t fast enough. I picked him up so he couldn’t claw me, but in a bid to get away, he chomped down on the tip of my index finger. I have one deep puncture wound on the top, just in front of the fingernail and another on the pad. OMG, it hurt. There was a lot of noise so my husband came running. He put the cat in the art room, where Gordon has established safe space, while I paced with my finger in the air in the kitchen. It hurt so much I cried. Luckily we had one fingertip bandaid to put on after the initial bleeding diminished. I had to take IBProphine and sleep with an ice pack.


So we had middle of the night excitement. Anyone else had to figure out unhappy blended animal family issues?