Hi folks! I'm battling the creeping crud right now (bronchitis with a chance that it's pneumonia), but next Saturday I'll be participating in a charity walk.

Some of you know that I'm Type 1 Diabetic. It's a shitty disease, and I've had it nearly my entire life. As the disease progresses, things change and it can get harder and harder to know what my blood sugar level is at any given time. I test a lot, but even the best slip up.

I've been looking into getting a diabetes assist dog to help me out. These dogs are really amazing—they can smell the change in a person's blood sugar and alert them, thereby preventing a potential emergency situation. My lows tend to hit at night, and I often don't wake up from them. This is especially dangerous, because I could slip into a coma, and my husband wouldn't know until he got up for work in the morning. An assist dog can prevent that.

These dogs are given to people in the program at no charge, but it does cost $25,000 per dog to raise them. I'm asking for even just a tiny donation to help the cause.


Okay, real talk: Anyone who donates gets their name written on my shirt. You can also request that I do something strange/typical LuftWaffle, and I'll post the video on GT for all to see.

I just want to beat my mom's donations. Deal?