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In Which Mrs. Hatrack Proves She's a Badass

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Mrs. Hatrack works at a medium-large university. Among other things she serves as an officer for disciplinary hearings. In addition to whatever legal ramifications offenders may face in the courts they also face fines, suspensions and other punishments for acts committed at school. Since the coordinator remembered her making students cry last year he purposely assigned her the case of a young man accused of date rape at a frat party last spring. (He has not, as yet, been tried for the crime but the burden of proof isn't so high at school disciplinary hearings.)


This idiot made all the expected claims/excuses:

  • "she consented" (not possible since he'd drugged her drink)
  • "she came to a party at a frat house, she should have known better"
  • "she was wearing a short skirt, she was kind of asking for it"

He has one year to go before graduation. Mrs. Hatrack gives him a $3000 fine and 3 consecutive one year suspensions. When he complains that he needs to graduate in May and that the sentence is too harsh Mrs. Hatrack responds:

"Well, you were kind of asking for it."

ETA: Just to clarify - He is facing criminal charges as well. The school just got first crack at him. This keeps him out of school and off campus until the legal system is done with him. Then they can expel him permanently.

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