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Welcome To The Bitchery
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In Which PinkMasala Needs a Hug

So today, The Artist Formerly Known as MrMasala and I broke up (over Skype I may add, when I asked if he received a message, then he got offline after avoiding me for a week). Then my parents confronted me for the fiftieth time warning me not to go to the country that I've been planning on moving to for the past year. Mind you, they did this after finding out that The Artist Formerly and I broke up in a pretty painful way today. That and they have put my safety at risk before in very grievous ways. While I forgive them, I can't exactly trust them with my safety, but I also can't tell them that.

After listening to their frustrations (which, by the way, I have been hearing for the past several months) I left the room and called a friend, only to find out that now the country I'm supposed to be moving to has diplomatic tensions with the US because the NSA was spying on their President.


So now I'm potentially out of a job, out nearly $700, dumped, and needing to figure out how to navigate this debacle with my family.

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