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This from my future MiL, whom I actually agree with on almost everything. But I have some issues with this quote she posted, from Mass. Governor Deval Patrick.

EDIT: It's possible this was from a speech about Massachusetts specifically helping refugees, not necessarily the US, which would make more sense. But still read my *
excellent* rant.

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So we're going to compare New Orleanian children to refugees from Third World countries (mostly)? I am not a native but I have lived here long enough to be fucking outraged at the way the rest of the country tends to view our population as "other" - right down to the idea that we should just pack up and leave home instead of build some goddamn decent levees, and citing crime statistics and education statistics and racist statistics, all the while coming to our fair city to shit all over it and treat it like Disneyland's Drunk Uncle.

I get the broader point - the US has a history of helping children and need and it is good, but the implication is that these New Orleanian children are not American children, but children that the US so charitably helped in a time of desperate need is outrageous. Excuse me? These tax paying Americans, getting disaster relief, is the same thing? Also, there was no "letting them into our borders" situation - they are fucking American children. Just because they were largely poor, non-white, and invisible to you, does not make this issue parallel. It's not "us and them." We're all us.

I want to be clear that I am not saying Americans deserve more help than these other children - but the debate, largely, is whether these kids are our problem, and now, as was happening back in the storm's aftermath, the kids are being discussed as an outside burden on the system. Kids here, like in many places in the US, are fighting poverty, shitty educational choices, and violence. They are not a fucking refugee population from outside - they are HERE.

I do not believe that we should prioritize American children over others; I believe that we should remember what being a child in the US really looks like.



Not to mention, citing the outstanding charity and helpfulness of the government in the aftermath of Katrina is...ehm...misguided.

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