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Welcome To The Bitchery

In Which We Overact and Abuse the "Women are Fragile" Trope

Ok, so...I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrve the Sam Smith song “I’m Not the Only One”. Like so much. Every time I hear a snippet of it somewhere I have to go listen to the full thing like 10 times. I’m not even entirely mad he won all those Grammys because that’s some great R&B songwriting right there.

But I am mad at this:

Really Dianna Agron? I mean, I know you’ve been getting shit on recently so I won’t be too hard on you (plus I guess I should really be mad at Luke Monaghan who directed this schlock, or whatever basic dickhead came up with the concept) but damn bitch...keep it together! Taking Chateau Diana to the head in the middle of 7-11? In the daytime? And why are you wearing so much damn mascara???


And then you’re just gonna act like nothing happened?! He not that fine. This is some bullshit, right? I know I’m not the only one...(heh).

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