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I have some really random questions for you, which have been low-grade burning away at the back of my brain for a bit now, and I’d love to poll the hivemind, to see how the rest of y’all deal with these sorts of (totally inane!) things:

1. Shower-curtain hooks—does anyone else have major problems keeping the “S” shaped curtain hooks ON their shower-curtain rod?


*Or* is this only a problem at my houses (and primary with *this* user of them!😆)?

No matter the quality, I seem to manage to ALWAYS pull the curtain off the rod, whenever it’s held up with this sort of shape:

(Ebay listing only for the picture!)

That’s why, inevitably, I end up doing what I did tonight, and buying my roommate new, fully-enclosing, shower-curtain rings similar to these:


(But at Marshall’s, so only about $4.00!😉)

2. Scented soaps & candles (or candle melts!), do you guys use seasonal-scented candles & soaps until they’re used up?


Or do you switch to another scent as soon as the holiday is over? If so, do you keep the used one until the next season, or toss/donate it?

3. Lastly, regarding seasonal sales, and “once yearly” clearances at stores—do you stock up at clearance time for “next year’s” use?


I.e., do you purchase things like next summer’s” bug spray in the fall when it’s deeply discounted, the “expensive” school supplies you know family members will need in the late fall of the previous year, or “next year’s” winter-holiday decorations & gift-wrapping supplies on deep discounts at *this* time of year, and just hold them ‘til next winter?

These things have been making me curious, because—as many of you know—i’m on track to do my student-teaching next fall.


Because of that, I’ve been slowly acquiring toys, puzzles, sensory-play tools, picture books, free downloads, and other small stuff that I expect to need/use in my classroom next fall (no matter where i am, I’m expecting to be in an Elementary SPED setting next fall, where I’ll need much of this stuff, and eventually a pre-K one, where ALL of it will get used).

At least one of my classmates is also slowly shopping for *her classroom,* but many of the folks I’ve mentioned my early shopping to have been surprised that I’m already gathering my supplies (although nearly ALL of those folks have said it’s an excellent idea), and that got me wondering if she & I are somewhat oddball in our early start/planning ahead?


How early do y’all plan & shop, when you KNOW a year+ in advance that you’re going to need a significant number of items, at significant cost?

Do YOU break that large outlay down into many, much less significant procurements?


And what inane things make YOU wonder if your habits are odd?😉

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