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INANE DANCE/FITNESS POLL... god, I'm so tipsy...

in the framework of Health! Yea. movement or whatever I'd like your input on which new activity I should take up this season:

  1. Yoga (sexy bendy Keksu. Also good for everything. and my back.)
  2. Greek dancing (I mean why the fuck not? Maybe get new friends this way)
  3. Belly dancing (get in touch with my femininininity. shake it.)
  4. Pole dancing (guys, POLE DANCING! the club's site numerously states that all shapes are welcome.)
  5. How do I stop this numbering on my phone? Gaaah! Anyway, I wanted you to know that I have been doing Scottish country dancing for almost two years now (men in KILTS, 'nuff said) and will continue to do so, before I've also done flamenco in a previous life ten years ago, also a lot of Estonian folk dancing. What say you?

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