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Inane: Dress help. Wedding etiquette. WAT.

Hello hive mind.

I am at a bit of a loss, fashion wise. This year I have my thirtieth birthday coming up, and then fairly shortly afterwards there will be a wedding for us to go to. I don't have much money at the moment, so my preference is to buy a dress I can wear to both, or recycle an older dress. But I haven't seen anything online in my price range which would be suitable for both occasions.

We aren't doing anything particularly fancy for my birthday (just going out for drinks) so I don't want to look completely over dressed, but obviously I want to look nicer than I usually would. The wedding will probably be formal, involve a lot of eating (so nothing too tight) and dancing.


I do have a few dresses which I have never worn before/have borrowed from siblings, parents, etc. But I am not confident they fit the bill.

This one was a possibility for the wedding, but it's dangerously close to white/cream (and I'm not such a savage as to wear white to another woman's wedding). Also, it's short and I can't wear it with heels due to REASONS. It's a pale pink with a cream lace overlay:

The other potential dress for the wedding is super formal (petrol blue velvet), and it's a long dress. Do people wear long dresses to weddings these days? Is it frowned upon? I have no clue what her colour scheme is, so I don't want to be some kind of faux bridesmaid! To be completely honest, I'm also not sure it even looks that nice on me. It seems to be tight in places I would rather it wasn't and not quite tight enough everywhere else.


Urgh!! The mirror is dirty! The shame!!

The last dress IS cream, and dangerously close to a wedding dress, so a definite no for the wedding, but I'm not sure if it's too formal for my thirtieth drinks. I don't know why it's sideways.


It's a gorgeous dress, but I don't want to look like a runaway bride, or compleeeetely over the top. Is it tone down able? I would wear it with flats, but not sure if it's quite right for a birthday celebration.


Other than those I am at a complete loss! If you have any ideas I would be super grateful.

I'll probably delete this post later as I don't like having even headless pictures up.

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