So I recently purchased a Chromebook (the HP Chromebook 14 to be exact), and so far, it's mostly enjoyable. I was using my phone to do a lot of things you probably shouldn't be relying on a phone for, and I needed to finally get around to replacing my 6 year old laptop with the broken screen and nonfunctioning webcam. It's funny just how heavy that laptop is in comparison now, and back when I bought it I considered it to be so light!

But here's where my dumb complaint comes in: the screen on this thing sucks. Maybe it's because I'm used to staring at my phone to do work and I can move inches away from my eyes, or maybe it's because I expect too much from a $250 machine, but I don't know if I'd be able to tolerate it for long. It looks blurry and there's no way to adjust for clarity aside from adjusting for brightness and size. I really wish adjusting for contrast was an option. Now what I could do is shell out extra money and get another Chromebook; but from what I've read the screens are generally not great across the board, or they have other inconveniences. On top of that, returning things is such a pain in general. I hate knowing I'd have to wait a week for the machine to get back, and then wait for the money to be returned to my account, just so that I have to turn around and order another machine and wait another week for it to show up. I might hold onto this for another week just to see if I can tolerate it, but is going through the hassle of exchanging machines worth the gamble for something more tolerable?

I'm terrible with returning or exchanging things, I usually just hold onto things and learn to love them slowly. Sorry for the inanity, I just hate the exchange process.