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I was talking to one of my meatspace friends about a book I had been reading recently that turned out to have very thinly veiled Sherlock Holmes/John Watson fanfic inserted into the plot. This was a surprise to me, as the book is not actually about Sherlock Holmes or his era of history at all. The names were changed, but it was obvious that the BBC versions of the characters were the inspiration—in fact, considering that it was a published work, I was surprised how bad the fanfic was. I have read much better!

Anyway, I was describing this all out loud to my friend and I called it Johnlock fanfiction, as one does on teh interwebs.


And she thought I meant philosopher John Locke. Needless to say, her confusion was pretty intense.

There's got to be a joke here about the state of nature, right? Something about consent of the governed? If only it had been Hobbes we were talking about, the Leviathan jokes write themselves!

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