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Welcome To The Bitchery
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(Inane) I have to go shopping tomorrow :(

I’m starting a clinical rotation on Monday, and I’ll have to dress professionally for the entire month of May. I’m super nervous/excited for it, but it occurred to me yesterday that I have NOTHING to wear.

I used to have a decent “nice” wardrobe back when I was a teacher, but when I knew that I would be leaving the profession, I didn’t keep it up. Now, my “uniform” is very casual (today I wore jeans, a sweatshirt I’ve had since 1998, and tennis shoes). I searched through my closet and found one pair of black pants that kind of fits (but are tiiiiiiight), and skirt that fits, and 2 nice blouses.


Basically, I’m the worst at shopping. When I was growing up, my mom exclusively ordered clothes through catalogs. I think that because of that, shopping feels very unnatural. I wander aimlessly, I always feel like I’m missing the best deal or most flattering clothing, and I get bored super quickly. Normally, this is fine because I mainly wear jeans (I know the cut and size that works for me—the last time I needed a pair, I gave SehjMan the info and he bought them for me) and a solid colored t-shirt.

Basically, there’s not really a point to this post, other that I have to go spend money (which I HATE) and I’ll probably be disoriented and bored before eventually arriving home with a bunch of random clothes and thinking “THANK GOODNESS, now I don’t have to go shopping again for another 2 years!”

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