I had this awesome speaker for less than 6 months before it was stolen in a break-in. I literally (and I do mean literally) missed it every day I didn’t have. I finally replaced it (spent my tax return before I got it...ooops!) and I AM SO HAPPY! It arrived today and I laughed with glee when I opened it up. I’m not a materialistic person. For the most part, I don’t care that much about stuff. Most of my furniture is salvaged or vintage pieces I inherited from my family. I have one small tv and no stereo. But I I love art and music, and I was really freaking lost without my music. My computer speakers are ok, but not enough, and my crappy little soundpop speaker runs out of juice after an hour. But I’ve been unemployed and couldn’t justify spending the money. But I got a tax refund and a freelance gig, and damn it, I wanted something nice for myself. I spent the whole day listening to music and NPR, tonight I’m going to listen to soothing white noise on my awesome speaker tonight next to my bed, and tomorrow I’m going to jam out in the shower.