Buzzfeed has a list of rather practical tips related to taking a trip to Disneyland (did you know they have a baby care center where you can breastfeed and change babies?) but OHMYGOD WHY do they insist on calling these "hacks"?

When did "tips" become "hacks"? Is "hack" considered the new cool, hip word for "tips" now? They even call them tips halfway through the damn list. Hacking is digging into other people's computers not buying tickets online before you go to Disneyland.

I also hate the expression "Life Hack" with more passion than is entirely necessary.

Yes, I am aware that this is an irrational hatred of how language is changing. Yes, I am aware that language changes and molds according to the times. I still find it unreasonably stupid to say that you're "hacking" Disneyland by standing in a good spot to see fireworks.