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Inane job application question

Hey y'all,

Soooo adding to the lovely insanity of thesis writing and the discovery that it is definitely possible to get bored of reading about serial killers (bored and sickened! yay!), I'm applying for jobs. One of these is a paid internship at a small law firm specializing in immigration reform. Since I am hoping to go to law school and this is one of the few jobs doing actual casework I've seen for people who aren't law students, this is pretty ideal. And they want a scientific background and strong writing skills— sciency grad degree and undergrad literature degree for the win!

They also, however, want a writing sample of 2-3 pages. Should I write something new for them? Should I send them a short paper from grad school? Should I maybe send them a blog post I wrote for a fellowship that's more of a current issues thing?


How do I adult, Groupthink?

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