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Inane light fluffy post!

The Duggar thing is really getting to me you guys. I know I feel the schadenfreude, and have participated in all the same mocking as the rest of the internet(hell, I just made the SVU joke on my facebook last night), but then it hits me that there are real girls still in that house having to wake up everyday and be dutiful to the people who not only didn’t protect them, but re victimized them and protected their abuser. It makes me really, really queasy.

Jensen Ackles break right about..... here.


So, for this post- I say nay! This post will be a post about lovely soft wonderful things in lovely colors and with wonderful vibes and feelings. It’s going to be a happy place, right here to be happy. Post things that make you happy! Did you perfect a new recipe (or make a recipe you have bragging rights on?) Post that shit! Are you crafting, or planning to craft wonderful things- post that shit! Did you paint your gross bathroom and now it looks like you stole it off the pages of a decorating mag? Have you increased your runs from around the block to around the city? Did you find and new pair of jeans that feel soft like angel farts AND makes your ass look amazing? Read a great book? Just sit around in your pj’s with a really great wine basking in relaxation? Share it with the class! Forget your troubles- c’mon get happy!

I myself have finally chosen the 2 patterns for scarves I’m going to start in the next couple of months so they will be ready and waiting for me the first time the weather gets nippy. I’m going to make one of these with black on a variegated red background:


which I thought was going to look like New York in a sunset but Boy Heathen thinks will look like New York during the apocalypse. So I have just started thinking about it as my Snake Plissken hand knit and it makes me giggle.

I’ve also decided to make an infinity scarf using the chart from this sock, but it will be worsted or aran weight. I’m still deciding on colors, but I’m leaning hard and heavily on choosing a yarn with a really good selection of clear rainbow colors as I think it will look very pretty to see them blend through Roy G Biv in that chart. I’d like to use the new Knit Picks Preciosa Tonal for it, but I don’t know if I’m willing to spend 90 dollars on a scarf. So I’m still hand wringing over yarn for that guy. But it still makes me so happy to think about it. (and I’d love to hear yarn suggestions if you’re feeling froggy!)


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