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You have a chance to bring any historical figure into the 21st century to live with you for a day, basically for no better reason than so you can get to watch them freak the fuck out over modern technology. Who do you bring and what do you do with them? (Let’s say, they have to have been dead for at least the past 50 years, just to keep things interesting.)

Eta. Because I forgot to put in my answer:

I’ve always had this wierd thing for Thomas Jefferson, despite the fact that the more you read about him, the more you realize that he was morally compromised as all hell. (What can I say? I like tall, dreamy writers and so much the better if theyre somehow conflicted.)


So, I occasionally like to play a mind game, where I ride the subway with him through Brooklyn and watch Mister Agrarian Utopia freak the hell out

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