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Inane Poll: Breakfast cereal

I was at my boyfriend’s house the other night and I saw what I thought was Trix cereal on the counter. I got really excited until I realized it was actually fruit flavored bird food for his parrot. That being said, what’s your favorite breakfast cereal?

I’ve been trying to avoid carb heavy/low protein stuff in the morning for a few years now, so I rarely buy cereal anymore. Today I got some Fruity Cheerios at Target though, because after the bird feed incident I couldn’t get fruit flavored sugary cereal out of my head, and it seemed like a more “adult” choice than straight up Trix, Fruity Pebbles, or Froot Loops. (all of which I love.) #justified.

Here’s a photo of Trix:


Here is the treacherous bird feed that trapped my eye:

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