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Inane poll: who has a salt bowl?

My husband thinks I’m the only person in the world who keeps a special bowl in the kitchen for salt. It drives him crazy because there have been three or four occasions where he made tea with salt instead of sugar, despite the face that the sugar container is 3x bigger and has a different coloured lid. Also, I’m pretty sure one of those mistakes even happened AFTER I labelled the different containers. Anyway, it makes sense to me because when I make bread or anything else that requires more than a tsp of salt, I don’t want to stand their pouring it out of the box. And why would I keep it anywhere else other than with all my other baking ingredients (which is where the sugar is too)?

So: prove him wrong? Who else keeps bowls/containers of both sugar and salt?

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Totally unrelated picture of my cats just ‘cause.

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