Also with a question: my niece turns 17 next month. Every since she turned like 16 I've graduated from buying her cheap-o make up to legit stuff. She loves make up like I do. (as an aside, when I say "make up" I mean eye stuff and nail polish. My sister, rightfully, disallows foundation and such because she has good skin and doesn't want her to clog her pores).

I can afford to buy her stuff from sephora and so I do. For example, this past Christmas I bought her a few palattes (one sephora brand, one urban decay) and a set of good eye brushes. I taught her how to clean and care for them and she watches youtube videos of how to use them. My friend thinks I'm totally ridiculous to buy a 16 year old nice brushes and make up. Is this really that silly?

For this years birthday I've already bought her a kabuki, blush brush, and a set of OPI nail polish based of the Disney Princess collection because it is her name. :) So, with that said, I've already committed to doing what may or may not be totally ridiculous. But you can still tell me if you think it is totally silly, too.