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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I got back from walking my dogs and everything in my house smells like bug spray right now (it makes me think of a brand of horse fly spray in particular, but it's a kind of sweet chemically citronella smell if that makes any sense). I am worried that the dogs who stayed home got into some flea/tick medication or something, but I can't find any evidence of that. I also am worried that toxic shit is being sprayed on a neighbor's yard and it is being blown in on the wind because it is windy here but also really warm and so I left the window open. I am sure it is harmless but smelling weird chemical odors in my home makes me very paranoid.

ETA OH SHIT I just realized it could also be a leak in one or more of approximately 10 million bug-repellent things I have in my search and hiking packs and other assorted camping/outdoors gear, which is conveniently mostly out right now because I am doing spring reorganizing. Oh no. :(


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