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I have a friend with a really expensive vibrating chair, who has been threatening to sell it for some time now. We've been trying to make him fight his GF on this and keep it. Today he finally posts it on Craigslist with the message "Serious inquiries only" (LOL OK) and we're all very aggravated. It has made appearances at meetings and parties and is loved by all. He's recently moved in with his GF and still has his old place, and we've all been plotting to break in and have sex in it.

Would it be acceptable of me to post the Craigslist ad here and have you all spam him with non-serious inquiries?!

I know the answer to this deep down, but I just have this shit-stirrer who lives inside of me...


Alternate question #1: How can I get $500 and more square footage in my current house very quickly?

Alternate question #2: How can I break this couple up so he moves back into his own house and keeps this chair?

Alternate question #3: Any other ideas as to how I can absolutely sabotage this?

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