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How do yall wrap up leftover cake or cupcakes (anything frosted, really)? What is the proper way to do it?

My coworker ALWAYS, ALWAYS, puts foil on it. FOIL. ALUMINUM FOIL. It is this small thing that drives me absolutely freaking bonkers. Am I crazy? Is this a thing people do? Foil is always the last thing I’d choose - there is no way to wrap foil over a cake because it 100% of the time goes into the frosting or cake and tears it up. Not to mention metal+moisture is not a good combo.

I have a cake container for this purpose, because I am in my 30s and bougie now. But before I’d put the cake or items on a plate or dish, put tooth picks or straws in them to hold the wrap off of them, and use plastic wrap to transport.


My coworker GOES OUT OF HER WAY to put things in foil. Like my other coworker brought in left over cake appropriately wrapped similar to how I mentioned above. At the end of the day, she had the option to a) recover it and leave it on the original plate it came on and just lay the plastic wrap down again or to b) TAKE THE WHOLE CAKE OFF, PUT IT ON IT’S SIDE, AND WRAP IT TIGHTLY IN TIN FOIL. As expected, this ruined all the left over cake because now it has no frosting and the cake bottom is torn up because foil is hard and naturally bends into folds and points, meaning you also cant get any frosting off of it once it goes on (plastic wrap you can at least somewhat easily scrape it back off if something goes awry).

But is this just a different way we were raised? Am I crazy pants? does everyone wrap their cake in foil?

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