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Inane rant about family

Oh lordy lordy. Somehow I ended up the mediator trying to resolve conflict between two of my sisters this weekend. Using our other sister as an example of what not to do. Hopefully either sisters A and B will have enough cop on to not share outside of class or I'll be able to talk to sister C to explain to her how and why I used her as an object lesson before anybody else mentions it to her. (And hopefully she will understand and assume I was exaggerating things for dramatic effect instead of being brutally honest and analyzing motives she may not realize she had for some of her past actions.) Also, hopefully sisters A and B will talk to each other next instead of talking at and across each other while holding their own preconceived notions about how the other one is being selfish.

Um, I suspect I'm not a natural mediator. On the other hand, I have a sneaky suspicion I'm a far better mediator than sister C would have been (considering she's the drama queen of the family and there was a very good reason she was useful as an object lesson). And I know for a fact that we couldn't rely on our mom to mediate because she's dysfunctionally conflict-averse. She always relied on my dad to mediate sibling conflict.

Fucking miscommunication.

If all goes well, I should be attending two weddings within a week of each other next year and both the brides will still be talking to each other.



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