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Inane rant about inane dreams

This is how I feel right now:

Okay so. Like I said in a previous post this week, I am newly pregnant with my first kid and am experiencing all of the joyous (ha) side effects that come along with that. I don't really have more than a friend or two who has already had kids and I am completely baffled and annoyed by some of the side effects.


Like sleeping. I'm so tired all the time that I feel like I've been running all day, but I've been having major difficulty sleeping. Tossing and turning, sweating through the sheets, etc. Now the stupidest dreams ever have started. Last night when I *finally* fell asleep after waking up a half dozen times between 11 and 2 am, I dreamed I was shopping for jeans at Express. IRL, I do not shop for anything at express. Nothing against it, but I'm more of a loft curvy jeans person because I'm telling you, their curvy fit jeans were sent due to God's benevolence to those of us with large thighs. Anyway, in the dream I was searching for a specific size jean and found every other size imaginable. I tore apart racks, searched the dressing room, looked in the storage areas. I'm telling you, I dreamed this stupid dream until I woke up not too long ago. It ended when I discovered a pair of jeans in my size that, as I picked them up, turned into white denim with gold rivets up both legs.

I woke up so incredibly annoyed. I am still annoyed. How long do weird dreams last in pregnancy?

ETA: God help me, Zulily is selling faux leather maternity leggings today. My hormones are working overtime because just seeing them puts me into a completely meaningless rage. No one is making me wear these but I resent the fact that they exist.

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