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So at the tender age of thirty i finally screwed up the courage and got a second set of holes in my ear lobes. I did it at claires with a friend from out of the country... i know, i know....

And now i'm paying the price, cuz those holes have been nothing but trouble!! My first set I got around age 4 and i've never had much trouble with them. I can go years, YEARS without wearing an earring and they stay open!! My only complaint is the little me stretched the holes a bit cuz of silly choices of earring in my adolescence.

But this second set, i have to remember to put in some earring at least once a week, or they try to close up or get infected on me. Well guess what... i forgot. I just spent 20 minutes essentially re-piercing my ears with my earrings. So annoyed and so grateful i have rubbing alcohol in my bathroom cabinets... if i didn't like wearing two sets of earrings so much i'd just let them close up!!


Oh and did I mention that now I have to wear hypoallergenic metals in my ears now?? Grrr... and now i'm off to run some errands.

Soo what are your piercing horror stories? Successes? Words of advice or wise counsel? I'll be off and on this afternon, so be nice!!

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