So I think the fella might be a little mad at/annoyed with me because of the whole "my car broke down for the second time in exactly a week" debacle.

Long story long, he asked if I wanted help. I told him to pick me up at the shop whenever the tow truck arrived, assuming it wouldn't be more than an hour. My apartment is about a block away from where my car died, but it was freezing and there were cold wet puddles everywhere. I didn't have the right shoes on to be waking in ankle deep ice water. I'm a wuss, I know.

When he was done with work, he drove over to pick me up, but my tow truck hadn't arrived yet. After he told me he was on his way, the tow truck arrived. By this point, I had been freezing in my car for 3 hours. So I asked the tow truck guy to just drop my car off at the shop, and that I would walk home (sometimes tow truck guys are nice and will drive me home, but not this guy).

So I called the fella, told him I was walking home, and then got into a back and forth with him because I told him I didn't need a ride to work tomorrow. I'll just call in, my boss knows my car sucks.

Now I think he's mad at me. I know I should have just planned my moves ahead of time and not asked for him to pick me up, but I also didn't expect to be in my car for 3 hours in the cold. He didn't seem too happy with me not wanting him to go out of his way to drive me to work, but he didn't seem too thrilled about it last week when he did and I accepted.


I'm tired and cranky. What the hell does he want?