1. I am going to Colorado next week and I can’t quite believe it still! Boyfriend and I will be in and around Vail and Boulder. This is my first vacation with someone that I am dating, although he and I have been on a big trip before, it was as “just friends”. He and I have both been really busy, him with volunteer work and grad school admittance stuff, and me with the end of the school semester, so I am really glad we get to take this time to just enjoy each other and continue building intimacy before we go back to school and work. I already told him that getting to share a bed with him for a week is going to spoil me rotten.

2. I went on another long walk today. I was worried that it would start raining again so I got out the door pretty early. About halfway through my journey, the sun burst through the clouds for the first time in three days. It was really beautiful and peaceful, yet still breezy and cool, so pretty much a perfect morning. I’m feeling really good and energetic.

(tw food/diet talk)

3. I’m going to start logging my food again and see if that helps me stick to better eating habits. I tried doing a very low carb/keto diet again about two months ago with disastrous results. I got rock-bottom depressed and then read a few studies saying that low carb diets are a bad pick for those with depression/anxiety issues, as they can severely diminish your ability to produce serotonin. Yet, I know I feel the best in a purely physical way when I focus more on healthy fats and proteins and limit processed grains, so I’m going to aim for 20% carbs per day, around 80-90 grams, mostly fruits, starchy tubers/potatoes/sweet potatoes, maybe rice occasionally. I feel like garbage when I eat sugar and too many bready things and that’s been the largest part of my diet for a few weeks now- the end of school always murders any efforts I make towards eating like a healthy adult. I know I won’t be perfect diet-wise while we’re on vacation but I’m still going to do my best to get enough protein and healthy fats in place of too many carbs so I’ve got enough energy for hiking and whatnot (and sex*cough*)

4. Without stepping on a scale I know I’ve gained some weight lately, again, as I often do around the end of school (hello, stress drinking and pizza eating) but something weird has happened. Even though a lot of my pairs of shorts don’t fit right now, I’m okay with it. This happens. It is part of life. I am making healthier choices now, and I can cut myself some slack for putting on a few pounds in the midst of stress. Also, leaving my super active/physical job for three months contributed too, I’m sure. Good news is I am going back to work in three weeks, and i know the added physical activity will probably help me drop the weight in time. I am not too worried. I guess there really IS something to that whole body-positive/self-acceptance racket. ;)

5. I started stepping off of my insomnia med. I’m down to taking 1/4 of my normal dose and I’m actually doing okay. I have maintenance insomnia, so I’d be able to fall asleep for 2-3 hours, but I’d wake up and be completely unable to go back to sleep for the rest of the night. The first night on the lower dose, I drifted off around 11 and woke up at 3:30 and was like, AWAKE awake. I got up and did some laundry and puttered around a bit and then was able to fall back asleep at 7am or so, until 10am. Last night though, I fell asleep and then woke up again around the same time, BUT I was able to go back sleep right after! Hooray! Hopefully I’ll be down to no medication at all within a month or so.


Thanks for reading all my ramblings! Life is pretty good today, GT. How about you guys? Any victories to celebrate? Any good stuff going on this weekend?