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I talk about my habit of going dancing a lot. I wanted to share a promotional video that was filmed over the last two Fridays because it is very, very cool. I can see me dancing in the background. It was weird with Kurtz walking around with a camera.

I finished a circle skirt. It is based on Harley Quinn’s costume in the Batman cartoons: black on one side, red on the other, diamonds of the opposite color on each said. It is long enough to wear to work.


Yesterday, my husband and I got moving around noon and cleaned the house. We are hoping to move mid-May and we have a lot of clutter. I worked on our bedroom while he straightened the living room and kitchen. I went through a stack of clothes that was up to my waist. I cut the back pockets off of all the jeans I didn’t want Mr. Moxie to wear in public. I will sew the pockets together to make pit holders and probably give them out as Christmas presents. I threw away 2 bags of bad jeans and shirts and washed a ton of stuff. I started packing what we didn’t want to give away but we wouldn’t be using into boxes. I managed to get about 2/3 of the floor cleaned, but none of the surfaces. I threw away a ton of dead bras. I have a hard time throwing away things that cost $40, even after they have been destroyed by my bewbs.

Today I mowed my Dad’s lawn and I’m about to go grocery shopping.

What have you been up to GT?

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