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Inane thoughts about my uterus

In which EleanorAquitaine shares her observations following her first ultrasound. So I'm going to talk about pregnancy and stuffs.

Yesterday I went for my first ultrasound. The ob practice I'm using had me get an early ultrasound—I'm at almost 9 weeks—to make sure everything was proceeding appropriately. I've never had an ultrasound done for any reason before, and since this is my first kid I only knew what I'd seen on tv/movies.

1. On tv? They make it look like the tech is just casually gliding the wand over the belly while mom and dad smile/cry joyful tears as they see the picture. Dude, I did not know that they jam that wand along your lower abdomen like you deserve some kind of penance for past sins. So I'm sitting there, holding my pee (as you do) and this lady is pressing like crazy on the bits that I'm using to make sure I don't pee myself. I feel lied to by the media, and also maybe I'd rather have those weird cone thingies to listen to the heartbeat that they use on Call the Midwife. I did manage to get through without farting, which is an accomplishment given the amount of pregnancy gas I have.


2. The baby was holding super still, but you could see the little heartbeat fluttering. That was seriously cool.

3. I did not know I have a yolk sac. I'm not sure why the term really disturbs me, but it does.

4. I think I worried the tech by saying that the pictures of 8 week old fetuses you can find online are really freaky looking. My husband says society expects me to be glowing with anticipation, not thinking about my baby's tail. Thank goodness it unnerves him a little, too.

5. Everyone is now trying to guess the sex of the baby by the heart rate (181 bpm). MiL says boy; internets tell me girl. What does GT think?


Next step is blood work, then the giant pelvic exam I have scheduled for the end of the month. Good news for the haters-of-pelvic exams, though: my ob says that the new guidelines for pap smears is having one every 3 years instead of every year. Awesome.

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