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Inane Weekend Poll time!

Hiya GT!

In the spirit of taking a small break from reality, and in celebration of procrastinators everywhere, two questions somewhat inspired by this article:


and also by the fact that we only get a handful of TV channels at this house, so I’m watching episode *eleventy-billion nine hundred and eight* of Divine Design with Candice Olson,

1. What nominally-educational TV shows (i.e. shows that run on HGTV, Food Network, TRU TV, NATGEO, PBS, the channel formerly known as Discovery Health, etc.) can YOU still watch/bingewatch, even though they’re ancient & outdated in “current” TV terms?

And 2. Why is it good, in your opinion?

One that my roommie and I BOTH agreed on was Iron Chef—the original Japanese version. It was funny, informative, and just plain FUN to watch.😉


And (obviously!) I can keep Divine Design on as background noise/watch it ANY time I’m just vegging out. It’s not big flashy design, and it’s kiiiiinda your mom/grandma’s idea of “fancy,” but Candice ALWAYS designs for the use & needs of the homeowners. No matter what she’s doing, it’s functional and it WORKS as a usable living space, and it’s often “cozy” when you see the end result.

So as fluffy, “I need a break from the outside world” (or my homework!) it’s *perfect!*


Plus, half-hour episodes(!!!), so if I DO get sucked in & lose track of time, it’s not much time😉

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