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Inane weekend post

I have felt bleh since Friday when I glutened myself. The immediate symptoms passed quickly, but I've been tired and blue all yesterday and today. I took a nap yesterday even though I had a huge amount of coffee. Caffeine affects me a lot so the desire to nap and lay around was a surprise that I can only attribute to the delicious, evil chips I had. At least I have another day to recover before I go back to work.

Not all the weekend has been bad. I had this interaction today:

Kid taking my money at the Wendy's drive through: Nice Fedora.

Me: It's actually a Trilby.

Other kid at the drive through window: Ohhhh! School him!

I find it very pleasurable to correct people about my hat. That's probably a sign that I'm a know-it-all.


Now I'm going to fold clothes and finish the dishes so I can reward myself with painting on my leather jacket. I intend to have a giant post about it when I get the back finished.

Hopefully, all of you are having a good weekend and lazing around for more fun reasons than I am.

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