I should preface this with a bit of a disclaimer about my family's dynamic. I am the one people go to when they need to get something done. Taxes? Oh, just call Marsupial. Need help moving/packing? Marsupial will get it done. Super sick and need a pharmacy run and some soup? Marsupial. There's a bunch of other stuff, but most of the time, I'm the proactive member of the family that actually gets shit done. It's annoying and often tiring, but it's family, so fine.

I think I hit my limit today though. I didn't flip out because it took me a minute to realize how fucked up the ask was.

It's been a tumultuous year and everyone's pretty broke. So no one's really expecting gifts or anything. We're doing a nice brunch. Maybe little gifts. Nothing crazy. One of my brothers was telling me about his "brilliant" plan. He would have his Christmas gift to everyone be a food item that a cook we know makes amazingly. And he knows the cook is on Facebook, so could I please contact him and find out if it was possible and what the cost would be. Yes, my brother would like me to do the leg work for his Christmas gift to everyone.

It's not that I already work 7 days a week, have tax season to prepare for, my own Christmas brunch contribution to take care of (which I will actually make), and maybe figure out a few small gifts. Let me take care of his shit too. Jesus.