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Welcome To The Bitchery

Inane whining

My in-laws are still here visiting us for what was supposed to just be the weekend. They are lovely people, but my MiL is driving me up the wall. She is someone who cannot abide silence. No one is talking? She is humming to herself. Everyone in the same room? She needs to talk about how she is wearing a bra because her daughter (Bralock) has mandated it for visits. Oh, now she is talking about hemming pillowcases. I am not kidding.

I am taking a week off to work on the house, and I cannot do anything with them here. Bralock is still going to work, so I am stuck with them. My in-laws are great people, but the older they get the less they pick up on social clues. I haven’t said a word in about an hour.


MiL is now talking about installing a ceiling fan in her friend’s bedroom.

How’s your day going?

ETA 10:15 am EST: they just left.

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