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Inane whining rant -- the saga of the two weddings continues

Oh man I have SO hit my dealing-with-people limit for the day. Fuck bridal showers. Fuck bridal showers where all the planning and preparation lands on the people who weren't supposed to be responsible for the shower. Fuck everybody. There are too many damn people in the world and too many damn people in my space. I am holing up in my childhood bedroom, locking my damn door, and thanking my lucky stars my door has a lock. Because most of the doors around here don't. And "my" room is also the room my niece and nephew usually stay in when they're visiting, and they don't really understand that Aunt Lurker really needs her space. Even the grown-ups in the family aren't the best at boundaries and respecting other people's space. Or stuff. Particularly the mooching bride-to-be, who apparently used my mascara, when I was very clear that I would only let her use my eyeshadow if she used a Q-tip. She is pushing all my buttons. She is pushing all of everybody's buttons. Youngest (newly-wed) sister was in tears yesterday.

I've gone over my willing-to-be-helpful limit, and have hit the giving-a-fuck limit.


Her hair may suck because I haven't had a proper chance to do a trial run on it, and I don't give a fuck anymore, even though I'm usually proud of my ability to make people's hair look good. The songs I just found out I'm singing will probably be okay, because it's people other than her that I need to depend on for that, and they're actually willing to put effort in. I'm now pissed off at all of us myself included for enabling her selfish mooching habits.

I've hit my dealing-with-people limit so hard I'm skipping out on the beer tasting. I may get enough energy together to meet back up with the folks for live band karaoke later, because it is kind of awesome sounding, and because it was kind of my idea.

In other news, I made tons of delicious shortbread. I'd say cookie party at my place, but I it'd have to be an extreme-introvert's party where we all get our own space, eat shortbread, and maybe drink tea and read books, and I don't have to talk to anybody for a week.

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