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Inane Work Rant

Last week four of us were told we'd be doing a special project handling "widgets." We'd be getting approximately 350 widgets each, plus or minus a few. Nobody got 1000, nobody got 200. We all got about 350 each. We were to set aside two full days to complete said widgets, with however much bleed into Wednesday as was necessary. On a typical day we are to work on 120 widgets, but since this task was slightly different, it was assumed these would take less time.

Yesterday afternoon one of my coworkers comes to my desk at the end of his shift, sighs and says, "I still have 198 widgets!" I said, "Yeah, but you only did 78 widgets yesterday, so that's kind of on you." He says, "I was looking them up online instead." This is not what we are supposed to do, especially since the information on them online is often outdated, and our job is to make phone calls, not check websites. He only did 82 widgets yesterday, so that means he did a grand fucking total of 160 widget calls in two fucking days, and now he's whining about it.


The boss is out of town at a conference. He'd already called to yell at said coworker, but called back today to check on all of us. So far, I'm the only one who has completed all of their widgets. I am completely and totally open to working on widgets to help my other two coworkers, but shit will hit the fan if the boss asks me to help with his. This guy does this all the time. The boss goes out of town, coworker slacks. He fucks around on the internet, and when he does make phone calls, he launches into the stupidest, most boring stories that make no sense. He gets yelled at when the boss comes back, but nothing ever changes because this guy's entire existence is dedicated to living in opposition of our boss. It's ridiculous. I work my ass off to finish all my widgets, and at last count, he's still got 90 to go.

It's extremely frustrating trying to be a "team player" when one member of your team is such a spectacular, and deliberate, failure, that they bring down the treatment of the rest of the team. I refuse to help him. I have tried and tried, and I want to like him but he makes it so hard to give a shit on his behalf anymore. I can't help you if you wont' fucking help yourself.

Sigh. Thank you for that.

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