Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Inanity/ Cat Puns

Guys I may be the very last person to have

figured out that you can actually NAME all your cats on Neko Atsume.

I’ve since become drunk with power.

(Perhaps also just drunk in general. I’ve had a bourbon and I am VERY tired.)

So far I have the obligatory:

Chairman Meow

Catman Crothers

The old timey frenemies:

Alexander Hamilcat

And Aaron Purr. (One’s a real go getter and the other likes to lie in wait and consider the situation before he makes a move.)


And the new timey frenemies:

Hillary Kitten

And Purrrrrnie Sanders. (I don’t have a cute explanation, I just enjoyed Hillary Kitten a lot, but then decided that fair is fair.)


I need more ideas! What other groaners can you Think of???

(Considered and rejected:

Barack OPawma. Not species specific enough.

Meowzart. I dunno why, it just doesn’t work for me. Do I need a reason??? Jeez..)


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