I'm going to talk about my visit to the ob/gyn for my prenatal appointment.

So let's overshare! 16 week appointment today. Last time I posted about the pregnancy I was celebrating the awesome nurse practitioner. Today I woke up in the worst imaginable mood—little sleep + a major nightmare about PTSD related issues = disaster. Thankfully things went a lot better than I expected:

1. I met the doctor-doctor. He looks to be about 14. If I didn't know that he had delivered my now-5-year-old nephew I'd worry that he hadn't yet graduated medical school.

2. I have never had a male ob/gyn before. I tend to prefer going to women doctors for my primary care and gynecological stuff. (Am I the only person like this?) I really wished my husband had been able to go to this appointment so he could meet the doctor and so I wouldn't have acted so weird and nervous.

3. The fruit of my womb (pretty sure FreeSampleThief came up with that name, though I might be misremembering) is progressing in the most standard fashion imaginable. I've been very, very, very fortunate to have a straightforward pregnancy with no complications so far aside from experiencing every imaginable symptom. Holy nausea/heartburn/mood swings/insomnia, batman.


4. Apparently there is literally no rest for the wicked: nothing can be done to help with the insomnia.

5. Ever since I got pregnant I've been freaking out about my weight. I was overweight to begin with and have felt like the weight's been piling on at an incredible speed. Turns out I have only gained 7 lbs so far and we're nearly at week 17. This is a much smaller number than the 25 lbs I was sure I'd put on. In breaking news: my assessment of my own body is not accurate.


So tell me, mamas that be and mamas who are further along—any advice from the veterans? Suggestions in general? Anyone else have a surprisingly decent day?